Friday, November 1, 2013


I decided to do this last Blog on a reflection of this class. I was extremely excited when I saw the name of this course. I love technology and all of its uses in the classroom. I am currently flipping my classroom and in an iPad academy hoping I will get iPads in my classroom and in my students hands. There are so many wonderful resources out there that I have yet to learn and I learned a few more by going through this class. I am creating an iBook for my students and plan to incorporate some of the new tools that I learned in this course in my iBook. I really liked TrackStar. It is a great place to have for my students even if it is just for when they have extra time and want to go practice on their own they have multiple places to go using Track Star. I also liked quiz star because it helps my students become familiar with multiple choice questions like on the ACT/NeSa and any other standardized test that I don't do a lot of prep for in my class. We try to incorporate some multiple choice, but never a lot as we want to see their work and thought process. I liked the activity where we all picked a tool because now I have that Wiki page and if I ever need a refresher on one of the tools I can use that to teach myself how to use it and become more familiar with the tool to be able to use it in my classroom. Overall I felt this was a great class.

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