Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ideas for Blogger

There are so many wonderful opportunities to use blogger in the classroom. Specifically in my classroom as I teach high school Algebra. It is not very common to do a lot of writing in math classrooms, but I think it is necessary. It would be a great way to collaborate with my students on topics rather than just doing the math problems, but truly discussing them and what we are learning in the classroom. A way I can use blogger for my parents is to help keep them informed about what we are doing in the classroom and what they can do to help their students be more successful. I have a new teaching method that I am trying that a lot of my parents have never heard of or seen in schools so it would be a great way to keep them informed on the new teaching method and to help explain to them why I am doing this for their students and more in-depth explanations to make sure they understand this teaching method. With my colleagues it would be a great way for professional development, sometimes just reflecting on our curriculum and courses helps teach us and our colleagues more about themselves and help us collaborate more efficiently when we do have time together.

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